Clean Eating for the New Year

Day 21 of Clean Start 2013


Today marks the end of the 3 week cleanse for me.  And it is oddly, just in the last 3 days that I’ve had the most profound results from the program.  Tonight, as I prepare to exit the program, I feel better than I have during the whole three weeks; and better than I do most of the time.

Clean Start 2013 is the second time I’ve followed the Clean Cleanse protocol.  In 2012, many of the habits formed during the 21 day cleanse stuck with me throughout the year; cooking for myself, eating mostly salads for lunch, eating mostly soups and stews for dinners, consuming little sugar, wheat, dairy, etc.  So while I didn’t follow the cleanse protocol to the letter throughout all of 2012, I made a quantum leap in improving how I eat, how I cook, what I put in my body and subsequently how I feel.

With 2013 being the second Clean Cleanse I’ve done; many of the mental and emotional challenges were easier.  I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I could do the cleanse, I’d done it in the past.  I didn’t have to create new skills  like cooking or equipping my kitchen or shopping for healthy foods; I had all those habits down pat from last year and most of them had stuck with me.  I’d already learned to reschedule my social life and explain to friends about the cleanse,  I’ve figured out how to allocate my time to prepare foods for the day ahead so I wouldn’t go hungry; and this program has offered me a great opportunity to practice my skills of saying ‘Not No, but Not Now’.

So was I ever surprised by all the negative physical feelings of this cleanse.  I spent several days with a headache, several days craving eating anything containing flour, too many days feeling weak and tired; I’ve taken too many naps, spent too many days feeling fuzzy in the head and generally felt rundown for about half the cleanse.

Then along came day 18, and everything started to flow.  In the ‘Clean’ book, Junger talks about how the body may detox through elimination patterns.  Let’s just say three days ago my body started to eliminate.  Not the urgent, messy elimination like the stomach flu; but rather an hourly elimination of more stuff than I ever thought could be housed in my body.  After 18 days of nearly perfect adherence to the Clean protocol, I was in the bathroom hourly; and releasing, releasing, releasing.

And oddly, after three days of stupefying amounts of elimination; I feel great!  I feel better than I’ve felt the entire program so far, better than I felt at the end of last year’s cleanse; better than I feel most of the time.  I’m guessing my cleansing process is slower than most people’s, perhaps because of my thyroid disease, but I’m finally feeling ‘clean’.  Inside and out; I feel light, vibrant and clean!  This is somewhat of a new place for me; and I don’t have the best words to describe it, but I really do feel clean, as cheesy as that may be.

So tomorrow, I’ve already scheduled several gatherings with friends, and I’ll go off the program into food mayhem.   But starting the next day ( or Wednesday, or Thursday) I’m going back on the Elimination Diet, and I’m going forward with the Elimination Challenge to find out once and for all which foods trigger which responses in my body.  I feel so good right now, I’m scared to change anything, I’m scared to return to how I felt before the program or early on in the program. So maybe I’ll just stick with the program instead……not sure, going to sleep on it.

TTYM_logo150x136Suzanne Andrew is a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and General Health Zealot.  Contact her directly at or 727-641-6941


2 thoughts on “Day 21 of Clean Start 2013

  1. Wow.. congratulations Suzanne. I’m so happy for you! well done and keep on doin’ ❤

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